Evangelist Esther Smith is more than just a household name in the gospel music industry; she is an anointed, well received vessel from God that continually strives to meet the needs of God’s people. As a cherished and respected veteran in the gospel music industry, Evangelist Smith has a reputation for living the life that she sings about. She is a dedicated woman of God, refusing to compromise her choice of music and ethics. 

Many know her as the multi-talented, inspiring recording artist whose latest project, You Love Me Still, was on the Top 20 Billboard Gospel Chart for over 50 weeks. She is an anointed songwriter, spiritual counselor, prayer intercessor and author of a book entitled Programmed For Failure... But God  which is her compelling, real life transition from the past to the present.  It's a story of courage and perseverance, available wherever books and eBooks are sold. As an evangelist whose loving personality emits nothing but warmth and compassion, all of the well placed pieces add up to one faithful soul that lives to present God’s Word and music to the masses as she touch audiences throughout the United States and many foreign countries.


Not only is she known for her electrifying, soul stirring, vocal performances that have blessed audiences for many years, but Evangelist Smith also presents the Word of God through a powerful preaching ministry as well. She continues to be a valuable asset and mother figure to numerous Bishops, Pastors, high profile gospel artists, entertainers, colleagues and laymen alike. She is an ordained minister of the Gospel, and a loyal member of the Ecorse, Michigan based International Gospel Center Church since 1977, under the leadership of the late Apostle Charles O. Miles and now his powerful son, Pastor Marvin N. Miles.


With her focused, fiery delivery and years of dedication to sharing God’s Word and singing gospel music, Evangelist Smith is still one of the most sought after, anointed women in ministry today. She is gifted to provide a vehicle that leaves congregations and audiences reaching out for more of His glory; seeking a deeper walk with God, and exciting a hunger and thirst for His Word.


She has recorded with, and had the privilege of being produced by some of gospel’s most formidable producers, such as the late Dr. Mattie Moss Clark, Pastor Marvin Winans, Fred Hammond, Michael Brooks, Tim Bowman Sr., Damon Gough and William Duncan.

Delivered from several major conditions including tuberculosis and diabetes,  Evangelist Smith  truly has a testimony to share. She operates in the gifts of the spirit, especially that of wisdom and is able to help others to face, deal with, and in most cases overcome an assortment of physical abuse, emotional pain, and spiritual hurts. Her word, music and literary contributions give hope and encouragement to those under attack by the enemy.

After falling head over heels in love with Jesus and giving her life to Him at the age of eight, Evangelist Smith has now been walking with God for the last 73 years. She has been married to her loving, supportive husband, Sonny, for 51 years. They were blessed with four wonderful children, thirteen grandchildren, and three great-grandsons. Her ministry encompasses the full gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, with the nine gifts of the spirit manifested according to the Holy Spirit.

Esther's Pastor and First Lady, Rev. Marvin N. Miles and Lady Carolyn Miles

Esther's Pastor and First Lady, Rev. Marvin N. Miles and Lady Carolyn Miles